Unified Field theory of the Mind

There is a sequence of thought in human endeavor which we variously identify as a train of thought, logic or rationalizing.  There is also a sequence of feeling which can lead us into some target state (willingly or otherwise) - such is the realm of NLP & the movies.  What about a sequence in the will domain & the being domains? Well being is always within the context of NOW - so a sequence would be hard to find. However, a sequence of will could be thought of as ritual, program, ceremonial magick or possibly a script or even a trance.  Sequence & object are analogous to the parts of speech: verb & noun respectively.


In Book4 (& references) AC gives a lot of material for meditation & cultivation of the will which appear as a sequence of instruction & exercises.  These sequences produce results for the process of cultivation of the Mind & brain.

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Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
seth 2012-10-04 07:11:13 7727
Certainly there is a sequence of will.  I remove yesterday's coffee filter, then put in a fresh one, then put in 2 scoops of ground coffee, then fill up the pot with water, then pour the water in the coffee maker, then press the on button.  Procedures of action like that evolve to cope with new situations.  If you hold the top down as you pour, you don't spill water on the counter and can pour the water faster.  These are sequences of actions and those sequences evolving. 

If there is will, there is action.  If there is no will, there is no action.  If there is action, there must have been will.  If there is no action, then there must not have been sufficient will.  I don't know how to draw a useful distinction between will and action.  To me they are the very same thing.
Sometimes the analogy for will vs action has been made likening it to a match with will being the striking of the match against something and action being the ignition of the match-head & the resulting flame. Will being the latent action at the point of becoming action.  For most cases in reality it is too subtle & unnecessary to make such a distinction. Trance can create will which is delayed in becoming action & sometimes I can do that myself.

What do you think about a train of feeling? Bandler used that to create some of his NLP effects.

Seth says
Of course there are trains of emotions, just like there trains of thoughts and actions.   These trains are not necessarily disconnected from each other.  Also there are hierarchies between them.  Action makes concrete thought and emotion.  Thought makes rational action and emotion.  Emotion makes meaningful action and thought.  I am sure there are many other such hierarchies.

Mark de LA says
seth 2012-10-05 09:36:58 7727
I'm thinking that where they are separated, the human being is out of balance.
Kinda the other way around. Where you are a slave to good feelings you are merely a hedonistic robot - no free will.

Mark de LA says
Each is fun to watch & isolate from the other & play with separately.

Mark de LA says
It's not my purpose here to preach this, but being able to separate these three thought, feeling & will & then combine them under one's own purpose exemplifies "Do What Thou Wilt"  & specifically under Love gives freedom.

Seth says

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