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About: NPR: Rethinking Bottled Water

This was an easy change ...  break out the old Brita Filter,  save up some  Avion bottles .... find the funnel .... get a bit of lemon juice ... make up some labels (don't forget this very important branding step) ... and now we have our own botteled homemade water  going on ...
   ....  hail the nearing end to conspicuous consumption


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Mark de LA says
There's some family resemblence here !

Seth says
M 2007-08-15 12:23:06 7781
seth 2007-08-15 11:10:32 7781
source: The new public enemy Number 1: bottled water
"Instead of consuming four billion gallons (15 billion liters) of water a year in individual-sized bottles, we need to start thinking about what all those bottles are doing to the planet's health."
... yeah really.  Mostly these end up as litter ... i'm working on a photo study of it.
Sounds like the do-gooders have a self-esteen deficit that needs fulfilling.  Now they can beat up on bottled water & feel good about themselves. If people are stupid enough to buy water at a price that compares with gasoline then that's nobody's business except theirs. Write a blog & feel better - get well soon!

It's more than just writing a blog, Mark, it's changing my families behaviro.  People have been lead into this bad habit by viral advertising.  They were told that it was kewl to carry about a bottle of water to keep hydrated.  Now they suck on their sweet water and litter bottels on streets and produce a glut of garbage.  This is education to inform these yuppies that this behavior is no longer kewl.  I'm glad that i'm not immersed in your a world where lazy "do nothings" call those of us who work to change bad habits "do gooders".

Seth says
Yeah, like i said above, we make the water a bit better by using a filter.  We gave up on refilling bottles and just went back to reuseable glasses.  Drink as much water as you can.  You don't need to buy it and you don't need it to be sweet.  I experminted with adding flavors but couldnt get the rest of the family to get behind it.  Personally i haven't encountered the need to hydrate when i go on walks ... but i am looking for a kewl thermos for my home-made-water ... i'll let you know if i find one.

Improving behaviors is the best way to increase self esteem ... what are you pushing?

Mark de LA says
M 2007-08-15 13:23:29 7781
It's more like you should change your own bad habits first & then those of your children etc. BTW, it is good & healthy to drink plenty of water during the day.  It might even help to increase your psychological self-esteem!

The problem is even simpler!  Make the water that comes out of the faucet better.  Recycle the containers whether by putting them in a recycle bin or refilling them.  BTW, refilling them leads to bacteria because your mouth is full of bacteria. Then, if you are really low on self esteem you could go along the highway & pick up the containers left by thoughtless assholes.  For places like Renton & maybe for the whole state you might urge the legislature to pass a 25cent deposit on plastic bottles.  We have a recycle dumpsters outside of our King Sooper's for recycling so it's fairly easy.

Mark de LA says
I'm pushing individualism & personal responsibility.  Liberals like to push governmental or otherwise regulation & control on others while ignoring their own behaviors. 
 PS I could never stand flavored water - the natural stuff works fine for me.

Seth says
source: Greenline
The mayor of Seattle signed executive order #02-08, banning the use of city funds to pay for bottled water.

Far out Seattle is practicing selective spending . Now if we can just get the Seattle Gift Center to do the same we will have made some progress.

Mark de LA says
They should all drink the recycled sewer water like the rest of us.  I read one article where even the bottled water had recycled drugs in it. Here is your local Seattle article.  It was not so much a fear of the drugs that bothered me, but the news to me that the water had some how managed to be recycled.  I didn't think that had happened yet! This article is scarier yet; chemotherapy drugs kill regular cells. I think that it is a failure of the water companies & governments to insure good clean drinking water in the first place that caused the explosion of bottle water in recent years.

Mark de LA says
Sorry, this was just a recent news front which lasted about 2-3 days and generated about 6,000,000 news links on Google.  I investigated buying a water distiller which guaranteed no detectable traces of the usual chemicals in the water, but it was not certified against drugs. Additionally, it uses a lot of energy & water to get there plus $500 to start.
c.f.: http://waterdistiller.com/water-distiller/
P.S. I use a standard PUR water filter on my kitchen faucet. Re-using water bottles tends to recycle bacteria. It works good enough.

Seth says
M 2008-03-19 15:03:36 7781
 Re-using water bottles tends to recycle bacteria. It works good enough.
Well you're right about that.  Actually we stopped refilling the plastic bottles shortly after i wrote this article.  Now we use a simple washable glass ... what a concept.  Those people who absolutely must have constant hydration when away from home should get reusable washable bottles which are easily available.  We use brita filters here but lately i've stopped even doing that ... the water here is really pretty taisty right out of the tap.

Seth says
M 2008-03-19 13:42:48 7781
seth 2008-03-19 13:28:31 7781
I hasten to clarify that Seattle's public water is some of the purest in the nation.  We do not, nor do we need to recycle it from sewage.  Many years ago the politicians and industrialists who pioneered this area had the foresight to set aside a vast watershed at the head of the Cedar River ... it is virtually untouched by human hands ... you can't even go in there and take a pee. 
Has it been tested for drugs?  Apparently the drugs get in the water because water treatment plants sometimes pump the water back into holding tanks that leak or pump it back up stream somewhere.  It's not entirely clear to me what the cycle is, but drugs in the water is clear evidence it's recycled somehow!

The treated sewage is pumped deep into Elliot bay.  Pumping it hundreds of miles uphill to foul the watershed would be a joke.  That might be done where there is an extreme water shortage or lack of planning ... but not in the Seattle area.

But no i have no direct knowledge of the drug testing program here; but after that article i trust that it is being monitored. 

There were problems along the lower Duwamish where sewage was overflowing into waste water during hight storm flows ... but i have never heard of a problem where treated sewage can get even close to the water supply.

Mark de LA says
seth 2008-04-17 13:17:27 7781
M 2008-04-17 12:06:25 7781
According to this article bottled water is immoral.

I tend to agree with that article. To engage in conspicuous consumption and waste for a moment's convenience - the cost to the world be dammed - is not to be a responsible citizen of the world.  That is my moral judgement.  In America you do have the right to this waste and the companies who pander to your habits have the right to their profits.  The solution is as scoped in the article - make the wasteful behavior "unfashionable".  This item is devoted to that end.
Surprise, surprise! I agree ~ 50%.  OTOH, what is really immoral is for state & city water supplies for which we pay to be unhealthy and poisonous enough to drive people to seek alternative sources if only a filtration of what they have coming out of their taps in the first place.

Mark de LA says
Here is the latest on bottled water contamination.

Mark de LA says
New water bottle made of paper & some plastic said to be recycleable invented by high schooler: CNN video here :

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