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Interesting discussion in Slashdot on the subject although it still is burning something.  At least it promises not to ruin the food economy by using up corn resources for fuel. It's maybe something to do while cars & transportation migrate to electricity produced some other way.
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Cellulosic ethanol is ethanol that comes from cellulose instead of sugar. This is good because most plants don't have a lot of sugar, but all plants have lots of cellulose. So, instead of using food crops, (like corn and sugar cane which have lots of sugar) to create fuel, we can use any crops, like mown grass clippings, fallen tree limbs or corn stalks (instead of corn ears) to create ethanol.
... just in case you didn't know, cellulose is a natural polymer of glucose.
source: ... Cellulose Cellulose is a large component of the biomass of plants and the main source of food energy for the world's termite population. It can be considered to be a condensation polymer of glucose, like starch, but the links between the glucose monomers are slightly different.
... so theoretically you could make sugar out of it as well.


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