Did You Know that the 1969 Moonlanding Broadcasted on TV was a Film Shot in a Studio by Stanley Kubrick? (VIDEO)

... a very well done "documentary".  I admit that i watched the whole thing.  It was very effective in advertising http://effectmatrix.com/  ... now i want to investigate their products.   You can follow the comments at reddit, which is where i found it.


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Seth says
M 2007-08-14 13:27:43 7909
Is this just another kook comspiracy or is someone claiming that their software was used to assemble the broadcast tape?

It is a very well done spoof documentary.  As such it does make you think about how easy it is to give the aura of truthiness to whatever fiction by cutting and pasting media.  Watch commentary on it to see how many people fell for it. 

To me effectmatrix.com just seemed like very well placed advertisement. 

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