CNN makes up the news from YouTube

It's not to hard to figure out which side CNN is on with regard to the Senator Craig arrest & homo smear just look at their headlines:
  In particular notice that they are using YouTube smears (can they be videos of the real event or just reenactments) as news.  Now when did junk made up by bloggers become news ?
I give CNN +  for news quality and objectivity.  Maybe this blog will get into the news somehow or hopefully into their ratings as a .  Maybe they will resource the news next from Saturday Night Live.


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Seth says
Well how people react to an event is part of the context of that event and has always been included in news reporting.  I don't get that there is anything wrong with that.  I watched one of the enactments ... didn't think it was a very good one ... but it did add to my awareness of what happened.  You seem to be calling this a smear.  Well i think there is an element of "smear" in every sexual scandal.  Isn't that the nature of publicizing private behavior?  Did you consider the Clinton affair a smear? Why have you focused on this Craig affair as a smear?

Mark de LA says
Since when does hearsay become news. If news & opinion merge then don't expect any truth to show up on CNN or any other outlet. Lazy reporting is what's happening here. Or, more probably, the real truth doesn't fit the media's template about scandals on Republican politicians.

Mark de LA says
The Clinton affair was a president lying to a grand jury & the people about a sexual matter. He was being sued originally for sexual harassment by Paula Jones. He apparently was continuing to sexually harass his underlings while in the White House - which made Monica pertinent. I think those details were part of the law suit. Of course the media loves a good political sex scandal.
In the case of Craig, I listened to all of his first press conference - did you?  He said that a local Idaho paper had been smearing him for years trying to get him because they think he is anti-gay rights. That is a valid political position. Some militant gay people think it is OK to smear - because they can't argue the issues or win in court. When the whole thing is examined, if it ever will, for the truth of the matter we will know whether he is gay (I suspect not) & whether he touched another foot accidentally in a stall while taking a shit or not.  I actually accidentally did that once and just said "excuse me" out loud.  I don't know what happened in Craig's case.  One needs to know how close the stalls were.  Was a "sting" being conducted.  Did the officers in charge target Craig or was it an accident that got out of control.  Did Craig, in fact, just try (as he said) to make it go away instead of fighting the charges & thus damaging his reputation needlessly to the thrill of the gay lobby.
Incidentally, I don't think gays have any more rights (nor any less) than anyone else.  Setting them up as a special minority just invites the same kind of mischief (and law suits) as this case illustrates.

Seth says

i wonder if this is true, or whether it is just publicity stunt for David Phillips.  It is not crediable  that Larry's bathroom tryst is and isolated event  ....  i always expected that there were slezzy guys harboring secret encounters like this.  So is this truth or just gay pulp fiction? Seems to me that there are some facts that could be checked ... leave it to Mickey.

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