Radio Frequencies Help Burn Salt Water

might be worth investigating ...


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Seth says
Again, the production of hydrogen is used to store energy, not produce it.  The question remains whether storing energy in hydrogen by bombarding it with radio waves is more efficeint than running electric current through it.  Here is a url to watch the news.

Seth says
M 2007-09-12 06:46:46 8005
As the comments say, more energy to produce the effect than there is energy gained from it. Producing high-energy electromagnetic waves takes energy.  The salt in the water just conducts electricity.
Well it is well known that electrolysis is not an energy efficient way to produce hydrogen.  This seems to me to be a alternate method of inducing the chemical reaction that releases hydrogen from salt water.  But we do not have in front of us any study of the effeciency of the process. Watch the news!

Seth says
M 2007-09-13 10:13:39 8005
seth 2007-09-13 09:58:32 8005
source: Dvorak
This begs the question. How do you put out a water fire?
... some people make idiotic comments. 
Actually I think it is funny!
OTOH, the headlines that say that the high energy electromagnetic waves are setting the water on fire are disingenuous.  Actually, they are decomposing the water into Oxygen & Hydrogen and it is the hydrogen that is in fact on fire.

Well what has gotten lost in all the hype is that this actually is a new emperical discovery of how salt water and electromagnetic waves work together.  From discoveries come technology but it will not be what the idiots might expect.  For my part, I want to see the results of an experinment which says that for electrolisis it takes A joules/liter of hydrogen, for electromagnet waves it takes B joules/liter of hydrogen, and to make a practical energy storage system you need to hit C joules/liter.  Then we can reject that train of thought, or not, and move on to thinking of how otherwise to utilize this new phenomena.

source: PSU, Professor Roy
... wants the critics to reserve judgment until more research is done with the device.

"Certainly it needs investigation and certainly we ought to look at the question of how efficient it is", said Roy. "Because that will determine how much John Kanzius shakes up the world. He has shaken up the scientific world already. But this will determine how much he shakes it up."

Pointing at the RF machine, Roy added, "That's a tremendous advance in a new empirical discovery."

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