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George Will's questions for GWB's nominee, Michael Mukasey for Attorney General, are much more interesting than the venom of the left on what the powers of the president should be - given the US Constitution. They are also much more interesting than that which is likely to come out of the pontificating Senators who will (or not) confirm him.  One could also visit this site on the subject.
One should also consider what are the proper limits on the Congress as well. What kinds of stupid laws have been invented by Congress just to perpetuate their incumbency & pander to temporal media storms & now, bloggers? Remember also that the Supreme Court took it upon itself to be the ultimate arbiter of what is constitutional. 


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Seth says
True, good questions.  This one especially hit me ...
source: from George Will's questions
The administration regards America as a battlefield, on which even an American citizen can be seized as an "enemy combatant" and detained indefinitely. You ruled that presidents have this power, but you were reversed on appeal. What do you think was the flaw in the reasoning of the court that reversed you?
The bridge tender below warned me when he caught me on BNSF property that "You don't get an attorney, they just dissapear you".   I though at the time that he was making it up .... but apparently not.  I take a lot of pictures of railroads and ports and sometimes i may look suspicious but my interest in solely photography, geography, ecology, and reclycling.  I am not probing for security vunerability and when as and if i find such i report them to the authorities. But it is chilling to think that i may be dissapeared for this innocent activity.  So from where i stand, HomeLand Securitie's ability to seize, declare as "enemy combatant" and detain indefinitely without recourse to the courts is way over the line.

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Mark de LA says
The bridge tender may have been trying to scare you.  I doubt that what he said is true otherwise the "secret prisons" would be too full & someone would notice the population "disappearing" at an alarming rate; given the number of people that take pictures nowadays!  I think he was passing on an urban legend generated by those who mistrust the government & hyped up by too many TV programs.   CIA agents are required to check-in their ID cards to virtual authorities when they morph into ordinary humans.

It might be interesting to know how you would handle the problem of gathering intelligence about the next terrorist threat in a timely fashion & not violate the ACLU's sense of what your rights are.  For extra credit just stay within the boundaries set by the US Constitution. 

Mark de LA says
For still extra credit why don't you get the name & authority of the person in your drama & validate his claims from his boss & or the media or someone who knows?

Seth says
M 2007-09-22 10:30:47 8087
I doubt that what he said is true ..
Well i'm not so sure.  What specifically is in the piece of legislation that Michael Mukasey ruled upon which was reversed on appeal?  I think that there is more to this than just "an urban legend". 

I don't see what the name of bridge tender or his boss's opinion would add to our awareness. What would be interesting is specifically what is in the new law and what the new police powers are and how they are being applied in a practical sense to American citizens.  I am keenly aware that some of my photography looks suspicious and that it is not inconcivable that i may be detained some day by some over zealous officer.  Hopefully i will be able to avoid being investigated and or any of my property seized for my behavior being misunderstood. 

Private industry does not like eyes prying into their business ... that is understandable.  The "open and transparent" meme has not infected heavy industry (especially the railroads).  With awareness comes risk.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the long run over decades of time.  Private Property and No Tresspassing signs do not give one license to do whatever behind them.

From Port of Seattle

Mark de LA says
Actually what I was getting at is whether what the guy said is true. If it wasn't, it was a veiled threat which was unlawful. Union bosses like Hoffa found out that they could disappear too! That doesn't mean that the government had a conspiracy to make it happen (or does it). There is espionage both in industry & government as well as military realms.

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