Kids of America

This one i snapped in a skateboard park near the port of Seattle. 

A gathering place for fun and creativity.

I just happened to snap a real boy skating in front of the #graffiti
From Kids of America


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Seth says
i have seen … and even photographed what is frequently called #graffiti … it is not a medium to be disparaged.

Si says

Si says
Yes. There is no difference between humans spray painting expression on the side of buildings and leaves of color falling on the ground in Autumn. They can both be either beautiful, or not to one’s personal liking. They are both nature expressing itself. Humans are part of nature too, other humans often forget that thinking that humans are outside of nature and subject to different rules … one’s they make up about themselves even

In either case, you rake the leaves, or paint over the art, when you are ready for a fresh canvass.  

Mark de LA says
Enjoy it.  You might change your mind if someone paints gang symbols on your house or your farm.null

Si says
You might, that’s true. You might have emotions if a tree falls on your house too. Get over it … if you can.  That’s life … shit happens. (~Forest Gump & Tao of Poo)

Mark de LA says
#done – thick heads can talk inside themselves & enjoy the #juice echo inside the #bottomless cavern null

Si says
Well there it goes … out of valued comments and into the dead zone of mark’s own #bottomless cavern. See? That last was not about things, it was simply insults directly pointed at specific people. Not content about them, not behaviour, just insults.

Seth says
like any representations … #graffiti can be interperted differently depending on one’s point of view.  ← maybe that is what we are talking about here.  Point being there is no absolute frame of reference that implies to all that “graffiti” is to be disparaged.   Apparently in this context talking about this to me and nathan,  it would be better to factor that out of our considerations.

Seth says

Seth says
i have several #graffiti photographs i could flash now … only problem is i don’t know where Google moved all of my photographs that i uploaded through Picassa several years ago null

Si says

Seth says

Did the sculpture #graffiti the girl who graffitied the Wheel, who graffitied the sunset which graffitied my eye?

Si says

Mark de LA says
#munging the word graffiti doesn’t make it go away or taste any better. null I guess in some small village in some forest somewhere everything is graffiti or art or both

Seth says
the word #graffiti is not the issue at all … that is just a distraction … something to argue over.  

the issue is why you #aug other’s contributions to your thoughts. 

Mark de LA says
Reply yourself – why do you #UG or #ugg others such as mine & interpret them with #uggs

Mark de LA says
The anything is Art movement came in in the 60’s & 70’s with Andy Warhol & Campbell soup cans & McCluan & the medium is the message.  I still remember some guy at Project Artaud who did a comceptual art bit he called Tongue in which he threw his head back and stuck out his tongue in several poses (similar to Miley Cyrus) . There is a rolling stones album somewhere with such .null

Si says
… and it is you, dear #unk, who munges the word graffiti. Carefully meditate on my definition and the contexts I provide. You will see that my definition is exact and well suited and that all my uses are contextually derivative from it. 

It is your definition that is a munge out of your own #aug from your borrowed beliefs of others about how humans are supposed to behave.

Seth says

this is not about graffitti or any other art style, rather it  is about your appreciation (tolerance) of other’s contributions to your thoughts. 

If you can tolerate other’s contributions to your thoughts, then all this struggle against them will just vanish.

Si says
In respect to Kids of America (comment 64683), what happened in the 60’s is that we began the process of returning to the understanding that humans are part of nature too, including human art. That process is continuing today. There was a period of human history where humans thought they were separate from all that is … now we are returning to the understanding that, we are not only part of it all, but that we actually create it all.  

Seth says

Mark de LA says
The rwg bunny is still going rewriting history in his own image and his #AlreadyAlwaysListening #LOACorrectness null null – I’ll probably not be taking your class since I already lived it & more. 

Si says
Oh absolutely! All history is created in the present moment. Knowing this, I create my history intelligently instead of borrowing it from those around me.   

Mark de LA says
So are lies! 

Seth says
#hmmm … i wonder who will win ...null

Mark de LA says
Listen to the song null

Si says
Non-content mark. You are not saying what things are, as I am. You are simply shooting things with buckshot that you don’t agree with. Be a man, say what you believe to be true … stop being a sissy and hiding behind contentless insults.

Si says
… the above may be considered by you to be an insult mark… but if so, it is only because it #RingsTrue for you, because it is a very exact description and a prescription. If you are taking such explicit content as an insult, then it is well taken, and you know it.

What I object to is your contentless insults. The ones that are personal attack without any explanation of what you believe that is different. And quite frankly, if you would provide that information when you #aug, then I wouldn’t even add the little qualifiers like sissy … those are just returning your own shit.

Si says
Well seth, so far it has been “no contest”. mark is the one who put up the training video at #CuntMouth, but he doesn’t seem to watch it much. I watch it every day and learn new points each time.  

Seth says

Seth says
i am not familiar with the training video. 

Si says
Oh really? You ought to watch it, once at least. It is quite superb. Took my breath away to witness the raw human experience happening in it the first time!  That’s excitement in living at one of it’s best expressions!

The original posted by mark is here: Nate's Still Playing Poker with his Mouth

Mark de LA says
← look in the mirror this is what you should see (your next assignment) null

Si says

Si says
Yes. Mirrors are for the progressive. They are the best way to see what one can improve upon. The most valuable commodity to self improvement is a good mirror.  

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 22087

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