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Seth says
The downside of this syntax is that it does not allow references outside the "wiki". The reson for this restriction is that dragging a uri inside a rte box will attempt to hyperlink that uri. This conflicts with the parsing of the square brackets that takes place at another layer of the application software. If that problem can be solved (prolly inside the rte javascript) then we can allow absolute uri inside square brackets.

Seth says
In non rte edit boxes, (like the comments on items in rooms where the user does not click on the rte button to enter their comment), it is very useful to be able to enter a absolute URI and have the system automatically hyperlink it.  Example [  fast blog it].

Also the [about ] would be very useful. It allows us to easily hyperlink to all items that are about a foreign URI.  We can talk about things outside of our own domain. 

Seth says
In rte boxes, it is not necessary to use references like [ this] because you can use the link button to insert a link like this ... or you can drag a url into the box like

Seth says
How do we do indexes in the sense of cybermind indexes.  It would be a room of items all of which are related to some item.  Are all of these unambiguous:
  • [index 805]  room containing all of the items which hyperlink to item 805
  • [index tags funny,sex] room of items refering to the s funny,sex
  • [index title seth russell] room of items refering to me
  • [index about title seth russell] room of items with Seth Russell in the about link
  • ...

Seth says
Mark: "My biggest question is the treatment of blanks, dashes, undrlines, slashes etc. in names."

Good question, informally i would say:

A name can include spaces but leading and trailing spaces are removed. Any comparison of the name is always case insensitive. But the system attempts to preserve the case that was input.  Dashes, underlines, periods are permitted in names.  Perhaps there will be other special characters that are permitted too.  Slashes, commas, semicoons and most other special characters will be specifically prohibited and the system should check that they are not present where a name is permitted in some syntax.

Seth says
another restriction on names is that white space (excluding word separators) are removed (not escaped) ... when i get that all right ill wirte it up formally on the formal syntax node

Seth says
  • [index uri]  room of items about the cnn website

Seth says
or should that be:
  • [index about]  room of items about the cnn website
  • or [index about uri]

Seth says
this discussion needs to be informed by threads part of which is private. I'm not sure what the relationship between indexes and thread is. needs more study.

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