Train of Feeling

As opposed to the male-bound train of thought I propose a female-bound train of feeling. I propose an entrance to such a vehicle to be something like the NLP exercise (a la Tony Robbins) of putting a person in a particular state viz.   "Remember a time when you felt totally free ...." etc.
This project could end up in the joint production of a book by T&I published as a self-help psychology by two nobodies.  "I'm a nobody too!" from the man of many changes.
   And, as opposed to the theory that women are alien species, I propose trying the train of feeling a a rosetta stone for communicating with them..


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Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
See also the trains 7846 & 7727 .
There is a strange similarity between directing the visual channel toward external stimuli & the following of a train of thought or feeling. What am I doing when I move from visual artifact to visual artifact observing external nature?  What causes any move at all? I can barely remain on one artifact without the need to move on - similar to my thinking.  The S.F. Exploratorium had an exhibit which tracked eye movement viewing a scene.  The Wikipedia article on this item is relevant & interesting. One speculation is that I am trying to make an internal copy of the external item by memorizing it's features. Some of this borders on the sequence of encounter 3976 & the diagram in 3975 comments. The question is now one of what is going on in that brief moment in which I cause attention to move from one artifact to another as I build a train of attention (thoton?). Most of the time there is no train of words with it. This is pre-perception activity.

Mark de LA says
Eiammyme 2015-02-03 13:18:31 8378

I would say that the LOA Abraham-Esther Hicks people have seized upon what I would call a train of feeling! G-Danya

Now what they do with it is quite interesting. The Grid is analogous to the train. (;-))

Mark de LA says
seth 2015-02-04 08:06:30 8378
i think thought feeling and action fit into trains together with their corresponding effects in the environment.  So it is not just FFFFFFFF .... or TTTTT .... but rather something more like:

FTFFTHAATFFAT  <- self doing this
TFATFAATFFAAF  <- what is comming from the envionment as the above is happening in self

so it feels more like swimming

Maybe .. as GW once said they are an integrated whole but separated for analysis purposes.  MY analogy fits better for me than yours.  I am not looking for the most perfect abstraction. Was looking for what a train of feeling might seem like.  Got one from the LOA study.

Seth says
well we would need actual examples of trains of feelings. 

Mark de LA says
seth 2015-02-04 08:52:45 8378
well we would need actual examples of trains of feelings. 
Yeah, I had no intentions of debating this one. Accidentally left it public. One has to master some of the lingo of Abraham to feel why I noted it here.  Will becomes amusing here as well. Abraham links feeling & will via thought (want).  What is amusing is that metaphor train doesn't work so well with the others; your blending them into a bunch of boxcars notwithstanding.
Will get back when I have a Youtube Abraham Hicks & play around with the words vortex, high flying disk, grid & any emotional subject buzzword like sex or habit.

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