Katrina Media Observations

With the advent of 24 hour coverage reporters often try to elicit in an interview what the person interviewed does not have. This results in speculation and rumor.


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Mark de LA says
  1. Interviewers dig & dig for info person does not have & then asks for a guess.
  2. Pictures got recycled over & over which belied the fact that the situation changes vastly since the clip was taken - need date & time etc. on a clip to insure credibility.
  3. It was obvious that various levels of government & the people were not communicating well (or at all) with eachother.  It would have been nice to have (what UnhackTheBrain wants) which as a database, schema, thread etc of an event that tells the story with the least spin & the most objective point of view possible.
  4. This is a result of 24hour news & crisis coverage of events by TV & the internet.
  5. Points of View & editorial perspectives s/b labeled as such.
  6. I wonder if it would be possible to create a portable crisis media Van for use in such situations ~ purpose would be one that would be self-contained - have big screens that lots of people in a crowd could see; provide a platform where cell phones could use on a temporary basis (satellite?) ; rugged & perhaps floatable for floods.  I see flooding as perhaps worse than most other kinds of disaster.  Fast deployable Blimp - maybe?
  7. Possible input could be TV pictures gathered by drone aircraft like those used in Iraq. covering other areas of the disaster area.
  8. Here again the media did a microscopic examination of some areas and a broad brush on others.  We know a lot about NewOrleans and little of the other 3 states effected.  This is the topic of perspective. How important is this little bit of information in the over all picture of the events.

Mark de LA says
Comments invited for a short amount of time & then this goes private again

Mark de LA says
O, yes - media personalities lied when they had no info & spread rumors as well

Mark de LA says
I wonder if one could do an expensive feed from the "media Van" I mentioned above directly to FastBlogIt

Mark de LA says
The amount of coverage of the negative was perhaps 5 times as much as the positive. Of course, crisis-coverage of a disappearing crisis would NOT gather more audience.

Mark de LA says
"I don't know" is spinned as incompetence. Lots of interviews were searching for "gotchas"

Mark de LA says
I didn't see any reporters go into the SuperDome until it was cleared out. Such courageous reporters! They certainly have portable lights.

Mark de LA says
To what purpose (there was even a lawsuit) does it serve to photograph the retrieval of dead bodies ? -grossout ? slurp ? ; or overemphasize the deaths which were over estimated.

Mark de LA says
Over estimation occurred for body bags, # of dead & some of the devastation.

Mark de LA says
Don't people know you can fast for several days (my all-time best 19) with just water? There were quite a number of fat people in the pictures I saw & they were the ones complaining the loudest.

Mark de LA says
Now, the over estimation of the disease & description of the flood water as cess-pools seems to be hyperbole.

Mark de LA says
NY TImes ... how does Google determine the order of articles about the same subject? circulation ?

Seth says
One wonders how different the coverage of the disaster was on the blogosphere. I havent been wadtching it because im busy programming but i caught just a bit on almost every blog that i did look at last week ... burning bird for example. I would have liked to hear from people attempting to blog from their palmtop or cell phone .. if enough of those happened i would think that would give a totally different impression of what happened than the traditional media.

Seth says
I think the media wants the story to be bigger than it may actually be. For example, reporters were saying (i think based upon something the mayor of New Orleans said) that there would be thousands of dead. How many is the count up to now, 300 or 400.

Seth says
Then too there was no reporting showing what it was like around the super dome such that the national guard could not go in and bus the people out.

Seth says
When Hack The Brain ... and portable media vans .. or portable awareness centers ... is actually working .. then it should be able to affect change in a timely fashion. Find out that there are beurotocratic absurbities going on that are preventing help from getting through ... and focus attention on them such that finally the probs were solved.

Seth says
... and i'm still trying to get some coverage of the French Quarter .. it was on high ground, and should have weathered the storm better than the low lands ... but where are the detailed pictures of the French Quarter during the worst of the storm, and now, and when the levy broke. Wasn't anybody there with a cam corder ? .... me thinks people shrug their responsibility for being publically aware of important events because they assume (incorrectly) that the media will cover them.

Mark de LA says
Saw Bourbon Street & canal street in Shepard Smith's coverage from there on FoxNews. What I wonder is why the French Quarter didn't get flooded & why it was built on higher land.

Mark de LA says
Pictures I saw was about 1 foot of water around the Superdome. But, true - that was only the side near the entrance.

Mark de LA says
I like that term "Awareness Centers" - fuck the media - lets get some conscious, socially aware people happening.

Mark de LA says
Impatience - impatience - impatience... do people know that life is hazzardous, the safe-planet is somewhere else & nobody gets out alive ?

Mark de LA says
BTW the safe-planet is right next to the fair-planet the one where only fair things happen & people always play fair.

Seth says
yeah fond notions of a toddler

Mark de LA says
YES, It's just not fair for us old farts

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