Porting icybermind.net and it's db to another host

I am in the process of converting all the php pages to access HTTP_HOST instead of hard coding the domain name fastblogit.com into hyperlinks.  This means that the fast blog it software will be portable from domain to domain..  If mark does not object, I would like to port the current db to run on his domain named "icybermind.net". It must run in the root domain and not in a subdirectory.The advantage of this are:
  1. We can play with inter domain references.
  2. We can play with inter domain inport/export of atom feeds.
  3. We can play with db<->db transfer of information.
  4. We can maintain our vesting in the items here and continue to maintain them live, then wipe the fastblogit db and start fresh.
Discussion ... (please stay on topic) ...


  1. icybermind.net
  2. interdomain


Mark de LA says
why not use icybermind.com ?

Mark de LA says
icybermind is essentially unused except for the cybermind picture

Mark de LA says
sorry, that s/b icybermind.net

Mark de LA says
I have my "business" such that it is on icyberspace.net - that's where I advertize my web page.

Seth says
Ok, i mis typed it ... i will ammend the item ... i had intended it to be icybermind.net ... sorry

Seth says
there is that ok?

Mark de LA says
ok indeed, they both have a similar connotation.... somebody in england actually wrote email the otherday offering me icyberspace.com as well.

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