FAT Power!

About: eco-boat powered by human fat attempts round the world speed record | the daily mail

  Human fat powered! Soylent Green fuel!
I wonder how they will station people along the way (as bio-fuel stations) to get enough liposucked fat to keep the ship going.


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Seth says

I hear that Mickey Dee's  is going to be opening back rooms to feed these beauties ... they will lifo-sucktion them direct into the reactors that feed the pumps ... you will be able to get your Big Mac and fill your car up up with bio-fuel at the same time .... ... now that's total drive through service !!

Mark de LA says
Some have suggested naming it the A.S.S. Rosie al la this YouTube link.

Mark de LA says
From the Wired Article E85 (ethanol) may be available from any biological waste in a couple of years for ~ $1.00 per gallon. From the slashdot article comes the following quote:
source: ...
Soylent Gas is people!!!!! Farewell Karma!

It's still burning shit, but may extend the lifetime of our economy until we can figure out how do power transportation & the zillion other things we use without fossil fuels. BTW, how clean does ethanol burn? Others on slashdot suggest that if this process just powered the grid it would be fantastic!
Research on Coskata might be interesting. Some say this not new, but a mashup of existing technologies.  I saw similar things on the Science Channel but from what I could tell they required more energy & materials as input than the output justified.
The Coskata process flash movie ==> *
... possibly a

Seth says
Yeah i too was impressed with the Coskata Inc process.  I have a been accumulating a whole bookmark folder about bio fuels and somday i might sort through it and grock this industry. 

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