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Some sort of single page front end to the whole website is needed for the uninitiated.  I found it hard to explain to somebody who does not have the blog time & the folksonomy that you and I have. It s/b no more than a page and easily clicked through. It should have ots of real world metaphors for those who may not understand links, tags, frames of information, pictures in a website versus on the page etc.


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Mark de LA says
btw, it looks as if up to 10 pages/items are missing from marketing.

Seth says
Alternatively, i spose if you want to make a custom page, then just make a fixed page /katrina/intro.html ... of course that is not really a feature of fastblogit, but we could privide for it for a good cause ... even so you will still need to advertise that url separately ... personally i think that the title room is the best solution ... ... then point to that in your header

Seth says
In case someone goes to you can hyperlink over to the "fixed" intorduction page in the header

Seth says
The permalink of any item could be your "front end" ... or perhaps a tag room or a title room ... advertise the starting web page as

Mark de LA says
What comes up is the common river - could do a front page some way for that or just advertize the url for a group as you say.

Seth says
mark: it looks as if up to 10 pages/items are missing from marketing.

Probably because i deleted a group record for a variation of the group name.  The active database  group record is "Marketing" with the first letter capitalized.  There might have been a "marketing" record that some items got posted under and they used to appear in the marketing room.  This is why mixing upper and lower cases in a group name is a really bad idea and will be disallowed. 

Your items are still in the db it is just a matter of figuring out where they are.  If you can find a range of items, then the db could be manually edited.  I dont know if they would show up in a nexting of the permalinks or not.

Seth says
another solution is to have some other web site front end That way there is no restrictions of your composition of that website. You then make one (or more)of the menu items point over to here in the context that the client will understand.

Mark de LA says
We just need to explain what this is to a person who knows & perhaps has used a blog & knows how to use a computer! It should be placed somewhere where a new user can find it easily - maybe near the topic of the main FAQ or in it.

Mark de LA says
It would have been nice if you tagged the items first in Marketing - was that possible ?

Seth says
i didnt really think that long and hard on it ... if there is something that is important that was lost, then we can prolly find it ... otherwise let it be

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