Sometimes I think we ought to rename the website SlowBlogIt.  Since the holidays the probability is that >50% of my ad hoc use of the website & my associated email waits for Godot for a response.
   Watching mud sliding ==> 
I wonder what changed recently?
  1. Database changes
  2. PHP changes
  3. ISP changes
  4. ?


  1. ~close look


Seth says
Yep i am aware of the problem ... as i have had to reboot the server 5 to 10 times each day and listen to Denise bitch about loosing orders.  As far as i can tell the "hardware node" that services our VPS is slowly breaking down or has been shorted some critical resource.  I have already decided to move, the only question is whether Spry can make it easy enough for me to move to their newer VPSs or whether we move the whole operation to someplace like godaddy.  I wont be able to work on this till next week but in any case you should plan to spend some time moving your domains to the new server later this month regardless of where the VPS ends up being.

Mark de LA says
Tx, yeah, I will go offline to get the details on that later this week.