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About: the lowdown on topsoil: it's disappearing

 We're running out of DIRT!
We're doomed...
Of course if you ecologists compost your biological waste you might extend your livetimes a couple of years until the animals that are left eat you!


  1. dirt shortage
  2. panic
  3. erosion
  4. water shortage


Mark de LA says
Well, the article is mainly about topsoil. If biodynamic farming were adopted it probably wouldn't be so much of a problem.  Water runoff from farms probably wouldn't pollute as much etc.  Nowadays, scientists & chemists who can't detect a soul or spirit will try to tell you that there is no difference between food raised on pure chemicals and those raised on composted organic humus. Fuck them all they will eventually have to live on food raised by hydroponics - no dirt left. Of course we are also running out of fresh, unpolluted water so we are still fucked!

Seth says
Civilization has been grappling with the problem of erosion for thousands of years.  It is not something to sneer at.  It looks like the farmer in your article is advocating a good plan to leav crop stubble on the ground to reduce erosion.  Being aware of the long term consequences of our actions is always a good idea .  The picture to the left is a case in point.  The concrete company in the foreground has been allowing the clift under those apartment houses to erode for decades ... someday they are going to fall off the edge.

Mark de LA says
See world wide water shortage here.

Seth says
Re water shortage ...

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