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source: ... Another lotus-flower (with twelve petals) is situated in the region of the heart. In earlier times, six petals only were visible. The acquisition of six virtues will, in times to come, develop the other six. These six virtues are: control of thought, power of initiative, balance of the faculties, optimism which enables a man always to see the positive side of things, freedom from prejudice, and finally, harmony in the life of soul. When these virtues have been acquired, the twelve petals begin to move. They express the sacred quality of the number twelve which we have in the twelve Apostles, the twelve knights of King Arthur, and again in all creation, in all action

Thinking from the heart chakra may eventually lead to a perception from the perspective of the Golden Rule. Try swishes, or relive a thought experiment first from the head & then from the heart - compare & contrast. What happens when global warming & Gaia principles are contemplated from these 2 different points of view.  Could a modern psychologist take the concept that one perceives & thinks from all parts of the human body & distinguish the above centers by experimental means. 
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Mark de LA says
Another symmetry?  If one can think from the heart (i.e. center at the heart chakra & then contemplate a thought) then there is a symmetry of feeling through the head.  One might use one of the powers of the zodiac (e.g. F- Cancer, power of initiative) & think or feel from it, eh?

Mark de LA says
See also properties mapped to the Cube.

Mark de LA says
While looking for something else in the English Concordance to the Ming Dictionary I found the poem of the 5 ming words where the word heart appear which also might be a secret formula (or not):
AI is meaning, idea -think with the heart.
BAY is the very humble, the lion-heart.
HSIAO is laughter -secret heart aglow. 
SIM is heart and moral -intelligent.
TUNG unites in one the pure in heart

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