Venn & the market

There is nice problem in geometry & mathematics which would be fun to solve. How do you represent visually the components of say a farm in dynamic equilibrium. For example, what is the number of cows, land, hay, etc such the whole system is described and sustainable.  The thought can be extended to other enterprises & indeed the whole market.  This is particularly interesting in the energy market.  If you want to consider investing in a particular biofuel such as biodiesel, what is the over all impact - carbon wise? Is it just a set of linear equations?


  1. venn


Mark de LA says
Basically the picture s/b something like the biosphere, but not closed up.  Take a sustainable farm and then add or subtract people & operations until you have a sustainable mix -etc.  I would be surprised if some agricultural college hasn't done it yet.

Mark de LA says
Gather the parameters & formulae together so that you have a language & understanding such that you can describe all kinds of farms.  The environment is certainly a factor. This idea goes toward sustainability.

Seth says

A farm is not a closed system.  I think you would only be able to diagram the complete system in a closed system like a terrarium.