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anonymousThis invites the question of where the moderation comes from, if any. It relates to the item below. Does the webmaster have the ability & time to identify stuff that does not fit within the purpose & decency of the website. Can he automatically or otherwise shift porn & profanity to a private ~porn tagroom & group. Is there a ~porn group possible etc.

Moderation comes from group members.  The webmaster will obviously not have the time or inclanatin  to moderate the common stream.  I hope that a group of concerned individuals and groups will rapidly emerge to place moderation tags (~porn, ~nudity, ~offcolor, ~violence) on items as they flow by.   Then we will have a facility to allow people to click those moderation tags into their cookies where they will exclude these offensive items from view. 

Incidentally there is no such thing as a "private tagroom".   Though perhaps we shoud develope it.  How might it work ?

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Mark de LA says
What happens when a group stays public & publishes pictures of turds into the living stream & none of the members of that "turd" group object ??

Mark de LA says
I think that the webmaster or "censor" could identify items with certain tags as all private which means that only those who know the particular permalinks or specific "porn" groups or groups with specific designation could see the items regardless of how the items are marked.

Seth says
Private tag rooms might be a solution.   The way this would work is that only a member of a closed group called "censors" could affex a tag starting with "~".     A system feature would then smarialy mark all items tagged with censor tags as private.  The system would also not allow the item to be remarked public.  Consequently they would be visable to the group who posted them but not to anyone else.  

Hmmm ... i kind of like that solution .... furthur discussion ...

Seth says
Actually this has a big advantage over the solution proposed in the topic item. It would not requrie people to learn how to restrain from view sensored items by clicking them into their cookie exclusions. It has the disadvantage that of making it very difficult for the publi to find or see censored items.

Seth says
Private tag rooms has another big advantage. It is much easier to implement than cookie exclusions. In fact i think i could implement with about 2 hours work.

Mark de LA says
I had forgotton about exclusions because they haven't shown up yet. would really need to play with them to see if they are workable.

Seth says
... cookie exclusions havent shown up yet because they are difficult to implement. Unless i discover a big problem, private tag rooms may show up at any time now.

Seth says
... and they did