Eunicure: The 100% Guaranteed Cure!

Free castrations for homosexuals

... wow what a concept!

Originally i though this site was a spoof, but apparently it is serious.  This is the letter you get back from an inquiry ..
source: personal email

You have reached Jacob Penne at the Eunicure Network.  I applaud your courage in contacting Eunicure!

   Since the Eunicure Procedure is both elective and provided free of charge, the volunteer surgeons in our referral network notify us of any break in their schedule and only then do we pass their contact information on to you. While it may take a while for us to fit you in, be assured we have noted your location and will be in touch the moment here is an opening in your area.

   However, since your surgeon will need the results of a recent physical and mental evaluation, you can get started on The Path right away! Your current doctor can conduct the physical and if necessary recommend a therapist in your area. You will need to bring the results of both examinations to your surgical consultation.

   If you have any further questions about our procedure, feel free to contact our medical director, Dr. Timothy Feathertree, at For general questions about the Eunicure Network, contact our Operations Director, Jennifer Talbot-Feathertree, at

   Yours in Christ,

I'll keep you informed of the progress twards my recovery.


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Mark de LA says
This seems like an unusual emphasis on something obscure that I take as a joke!
If Darwin was correct I expect it to be moot in ~ 100 generations or so.

Seth says
M 2008-03-12 17:15:12 9512
Maybe you can match them up with the inch of penis chain-letter people & satisfy 2 demographics.  Personally, I don't think it has anything to do with Christianity!

Yeah, lets count the assumptions inherant in this "offering": (1) homosexuality is immoral (2) it is a Christian sin (3) it is curable, and (4) being a eunich means that you won't do it.  In my judgement none of those are true, especially (4). 

I suppose that legally it comes under the same regulation as plastic surgery - hense the requirement for a "mental evaluation".  When pressed on that issue the site just responds:
source: private email
I'm afraid that the only information I can record is the city and state closest to you.  The rest is in the email you should have just recieved, and under procedure on our site.

Of course the problem they have is finding surgeons who will do this operation for free ... or maybe that have a deep pocket who is getting off on castrating queers ... or maybe they are gambeling that enough homophobics will donate.   This might just be a scam to collect money.

Mark de LA says
BTW, Iran just executes the whole queer!

Seth says
Well you're probably right about it being a farce.  Slog carried the investigation further in a pretty detailed piece here

Mark de LA says
Maybe they will find the racist preacher gene as well!

I sin with my left hand anyway.

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