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I like the navigation in the IMDB movie website. I'm not sure whether the subscription version of the IMDB is worth it to elaborate this thought. Such a database & web interface for ad hoc citizen journalists could become as popular as youtube or myface if gets a boost from some quarter. The basic scheme is in the mindmap below. What is needed at this point is the UML for the database and before that the usecases & interface design for typical interactions by public & private resources.


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Mark de LA says
There are a host of tools & gadgets, especially this interesting timeline tool at The Simile Project (from MIT) at this location.  There are some that would definitely help the Unhack the Brain project. One that might be helpful is the Timeplot which could be used to graph the decay & arrival of news fronts.
They appear to be open source & javascript.

Mark de LA says
Just as an amusement look at the success of DRUDGE & wonder if there is a place for:
 Exact News.

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