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Seth says
i can't imagine in my mind in any detail how this is being done... too complicated.  the method requires different manipulations on different parts of the sphere, yet there are no such different parts of a sphere ... so i do not necessarily believe that it can truly be done this way ... but i do not know.  Do you trust the authors?  ... er, why the error 404 links here?

Mark de LA says
The original links no longer but there is one on YouTube that works & turns a sphere inside out.

Mark de LA says
seth 2014-06-27 04:58:20 9654

Anyway, me thinks, the trick was being able to push the surface through itself ... once you can do that you certainly can turn anything inside out.  the rules about bending or creasing seemed to be inadvertently required to make it appear complex.
Must not have watched the whole movie & /or mastered the mathematical nature of topology.