Insanity in New York may come to your neighborhood

About: my way news - sharpton vows to 'close this city' after officer acquittals

While you contemplate the Rev? Sharpton trying to crank up another "Rodney King" event in Harlem please view the following youtube Insanity Test.
Outside of the radical muslims rioting & killing over a cartoon do you know of any other group of people that riot when they don't like a verdict?


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Mark de LA says
The proper response is to impeach judges or make sure they are not re-elected! Same goes for any public official culpable in the incident. Mass protest reminds me of a picture I once saw of a herd of buffalo stampeding over a cliff.

Mark de LA says
Holy Shit! The Reverend ?harpton apparently would like double jeopardy to prevail where "his people" don't like a court's verdict!  See this google mess surrounding his name & far more than 15 minutes of fame.

Mark de LA says
Sharpton raps Obama - 2 streams converge.

Seth says

i wonder what mark will say about this "protest".

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