Charlie bit me

About: youtube - charlie bit my finger - again !

& 20 years later:
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  1. charlie bit me
  2. cute


Seth says

nazn says
ooo so cute

haha says
coll tool ob´s

haha says
cool tool ob´s hanannanananm

loser says
that is so funny and cute great ideai.hahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.funny hahahahahahahahah

l love charlie says
i thought that was so funny i was laughing a lot my son was dieing of laughter. that was great.ha ha ha

Charlie That really says
Ahhhhh Thats so Cuteee And funnnyy :]
Charlie Bit me Hahahahaaha Jokarr :]
x Bless him x

louis vuitton says
thank you so much

naomi xxxx says
lol hahaha

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